Why use cardboard for crafting?

22-July-2021 | Cardboard craft ideas

Some of you may wonder, why does KRAF Studio use cardboard for its products and craft works? In this article, I will try to explain why we use cardboard for our creations.

The choice of cardboard for crafting is not unrelated to its advantages. Here are the advantages of cardboard that are suitable for crafting materials that I will explain each one of them.

Advantages of Cardboard:

  • Easy to obtain Inexpensive or even free
  • Easy to shape
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to play with

Let’s discuss each one of them

Cardboard is an Easy to Obtain and Inexpensive or Even Free Material Of course. Every time we buy electronic goods or receive a package, they are wrapped in cardboard, right? Even if there are none at home, we can buy them at the nearby convenience store. There must be plenty of collected used cardboard.

Cardboard is Easy to Fold and Shape Cardboard, even though it is thick, it is not solid, so it can be easily folded or shaped neatly as long as you know how to shape it.

Cardboard is Lightweight but Sturdy There is a reason why cardboard is always used for shipping packages or wrapping items. It is because cardboard is designed to be sturdy yet lightweight. With these mechanical properties, cardboard is suitable for making creative works such as toys or home decorations.

Cardboard is an Environmentally Friendly Material Cardboard is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. Its manufacturing process uses 60% less emissions than other materials. Even cardboard can decompose perfectly and quickly. Termites can even eat cardboard.

Cardboard is Safe to Play with In addition to its mechanical properties of being lightweight yet sturdy, cardboard is also non-toxic, making it safe to use as children’s toys or home decorations.

From the many good qualities of cardboard mentioned above, there is no reason not to use cardboard for crafting materials.